Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is the last item I made for Nadya after the earrings and the Tiara. I stayed up all through the night to complete weaving the crystals! I used Swarovski cyrstals to match the earlier pieces. This bracelet drapes over the wrist like fabric. When Nadya and her mum told me they loved the result, I felt the sacrifice of my sleep was well worth it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As I was working on Nadya's earrings, Nadya's mum Mrs Kool asked if I could make a Tiara or hair band to match the earrings. I had never tried making a tiara until then but decided to try making one. After browsing the net for some tips and ideas, I made this hair band for Nadya. I thought it looked pretty nice for a first attempt. Much to my delight, my dear friend Mrs Kool and Nadya thought so too!

Monday, November 1, 2010


A few weeks ago, a dear old friend of mine, Mrs Rebecca Kool, posted a comment on BintangJewelry's Facebook Page about our very first pair of Starbursts earrings. She liked the earrings very much and wanted to know if I could make a pair of Starbursts in reverse colours (ie, purple centre) with clip-ons instead of ear wires/hooks. Until then, I had never made any earrings with clip-ons, but I figured I could well try my first!

My friend told me that she wanted the earrings for her daughter Nadya to wear to her Primary 6 graduation party. She emailed me a picture of her daughter's gown. It was a beautiful purple toga dress, with frills of purple and fuchsia across the chest from the shoulder. The colours of the dress gave me instant inspiration. Coupled with my passion for jewellery-making and my excitement at making something special and unique for Nadya for her special occasion, I immediately got down to work.

When I had completed half a pair, I emailed my friend a picture of the work in progress to see if it matched what she had in mind. To my delight, both mother and daughter said they love it! So I went on to complete the pair. I successfully attached clip-ons to them.

What you see here is the end result! I used a Light Vitrail rivoli and Swarovski bicones in Fuchsia, Fuchsia AB effects and Lilac. Also used purple-gold and silver seead beads and deep purple cylinders to bezel the rivoli and make the picots.